Through the Lens…



Hey Girlfriend….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  If you didn’t know this, please tell yourself daily!  I love to capture inner sparkle in photographs and girl, we all have it!

When you hire a photographer, what do you look for?  Do you look for someone who has great style or the power to help bring out your best during your photo shoot?

My passions are photography, encouraging women in life and bringing out your inner beauty through style. 

 I would love to meet with you and discuss how I can encourage you and help capture your beauty through Natural Light Photography.  

You will love working with me because I can help you with style, your photo shoot and feel encouraged and loved through the whole process.  My style is one of whimsy and fun and I love working with people to help bring out their inner beauty!  My background in life coaching and Mindfulness techniques help you feel empowered and relaxed during your shoot while capturing that inner light that makes YOU…YOU!  



 We have our own beautiful journeys and stories

that are unique and specifically designed

to inspire, encourage and grow.

Dear Friend, I want you to know you are amazing,  loved and full of

beautiful creativity.

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