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Terri Hinojosa

I am a mother and wife and love my life!  I am constantly finding inspiration everywhere I go to incorporate into parties and my home.  My daughters have been the biggest inspiration to me in this creative piece of my life.  I hope to bring you inspiration to your home through baking, crafting and party giving.  The best part of this creative life is that it always includes my children in every detail.

I also love to share my creativity with

Whimsy Girls Club…..

is a time for girls to “sparkle and shine” in God’s light.

This is a comfortable setting with our friends to talk about life.  We are learning from each other how to walk on a beautiful Christian path in life together.  We also share the love for all things creative so we combine the two topics and have a blast!

God made us to be unique and beautiful women.

When you find you have a special talent share it with the world.

Share what you love with a friend just to make their day or to lift their spirits.

The girls learned just by simply placing cookies in a little bag with a special note is a way of sharing  love with one another.

Hospitality is a beautiful gesture…..

I think we are loosing sight of this art and we need to teach our girls to give to others and love one another unconditionally.

We also love to create and share with the world.

Happy inspiration to you!

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