Creative Paintings

Here they are everyone!

30 beautiful paintings for Helping Hand Home.

The girls worked so hard on these and really thought through every detail.

Take a peek at what we are giving the children’s home:

Words can’t describe what this process was like with my Creative Girls.

If you are considering  starting something like this in your home for your children, start it today without thinking.

It will be a blessing to you and the girls you create with.

I know the girls already feel like they have made a difference and we haven’t given the paintings to them yet.

Isn’t this what it is all about?  Not all about ourselves but what we can do for others with the love of God always in mind.

The verses these ten year olds picked out for some of their paintings blew me away!

What is so amazing is that this is a view into a child’s heart.  I gave them very little direction.

All of these paintings represent a child’s love for another. Children they don’t even know.

I feel I have learned just as much from this experience as they have.

You will see lots of Tricia’s inspiration in these paintings.  She has a beautiful and whimsical style that girls just gravitate towards.

This was a painting I made last year that hung in my daughter’s room.  My two daughters said they thought it would make the children at the home feel cheery and bright when they look at it.  So we are definitely including it!

Don’t you just love this little faceless bear?

Thank you girls for really using your hearts to bless these children.

Tricia had another fabulous CGC with her girls.  Check it out:

We are about to send out our second Creative Girls Club Letter and you won’t want to miss this one!

So please sign up at the bottom of my website!

3rd day of art/patisserie camp

I couldn't help but post this adorable picture of little Lucy.  Aren't the missing front teeth priceless!  She had a hard time eating this treat…too funny.

On the last day of camp Tricia and I woke up feeling excited for the day's events but also sad because we knew this was the end of our first camp journey together. 

At the end of it all I found this was not just a trip for my girls to learn to bake and paint

but a new journey for me to get to know two amazing ladies: Tricia and Jill:

Jill traveled from  vacation in Rosemary beach with her daughter Lucy(above).

At the end of every day we had some amazing talks about life as a mother,

wife and most importantly a christian.  I learned so much from these beautiful women..

Thank you for everything girls!

Ok, so now for the pictures of ice cream cake lollies and beautiful art:

I think everyone's favorite treat of the camp were the ice cream cake lollies.

First place mm's in the bottom of a sugar cone


Second, take your cake ball and dip into melted candy coating

Once you have dipped, use a piece of styrofoam to stand your ice creams so they can dry.

Third, when the bottom layer of candy is dry take a scoop of your chocolate melted candy

and add to the top to look like a scoop of sundae sauce.

Fourth, add your sprinkles and a cherry sour or gumball for the cherry on top!

(For recipes and where to buy supplies go to my website:

Does this look like a happy girl?(love the peacock feather in her hair)

Now for the girls' amazing art:

This barn picture was made by a 6 year old…how amazingly creative!

Abby's cupcakes look so yummy. I'm trying to get her to give it to me for my kitchen….not happening!


I love the colors Lilliana is using. Who wouldn't want this dress.

I loved watching Tricia take the girls through the painting process. They first draw their design with chalk, paint the background and then paint and embellish the dress. Someday I will be a part of her art class.

We ended the last day with our ice cream lollies in the garden, with hugs, almond sweet tea and I made lavender chocolate truffles for the moms when they picked up their campers. 

The girls also received these bags with pretty cupcake wrappers, sprinkles and recipe cards with Tricia's beautiful art.


That brings our incredible Birmingham fairyland camp to a close.  It was so hard leaving my new friends and all the wonderful girls I met.

I thank Tricia for allowing my family to stay with her and being such an amazing kindred spirit!

Please visit her blog to see more of this amazing camp:

Off to the airport…but this won't be the last time you see us spreading the love of our passions and for God with others!


My Little Birdies

I'm excited to show you something I've been working on.  This was made from two hangers and sheeting I ripped. The little birdies represent my three children.  I sewed these on a machine.  This birdcage lovingly hangs in their bathroom.

IMG_2673_edited I've become so incredibly sentimental and I am constantly looking for different ways to show my love for my family.  The girls got a big kick out of this.  I don't know if it will last throughout the years, but it was worth the smiles on their faces in that one moment. 


 I'm still working out how to put the birds on the hanging twigs without them falling off!  


Here's a little something I'm working on for a friend.  Jennifer….no peeking!


Childhood and Roses

I love looking at old black and white childhood photos.  I don't scrapbook that often but I wanted to do something special for my mother-n-law, Micki.  She has the most beautiful picture of she and her sister when the were little girls.  What makes this photo so special is knowing how incredibly close they are today and how much they love each other.  When you listen to them on the phone, they sound like two little girls giggling about everyday silly things.  I made this painting for Micki on her birthday.


Micki and Bambi's mother, Marilyn, died a year ago and they were very close to her.  She loved roses and lived in the rose capitol, Tyler.  I thought roses were perfect for this picture.  We all wear a rose charm from James Avery in memory of her.  


IMG_2532   This was a very dear project for me, thank you for sharing it with me.

Painting is my mommy therapy!



It doesn't matter if you are not an "ARTIST"(like me!)…just paint…create…just seeing the colors on a canvas together is beautiful!  I must have an outlet other than cooking/cleaning/groceries.  I could shop as my outlet…but then my children wouldn't have money for college.  Get online and look up what you are interested in…you are bound to find a free tutorial on it!  Be happy and Create.

This book is such an inspiration and just wonderful to look at:

Just a little inspiration


Just some girly little sussies to look at!


I'm starting to make a little fun space for myself in our new house. I made this paris box in Franklin and just can't part with it!


IMG_2427  Here's a little picture I made a friend to cheer her up. 

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