Cake bites


1 box of cake mix

1 can of buttercream icing

lollipop sticks

Follow the directions on your box to make the cake.  Let it cool and take a fork to crumble.

Add half of a can of icing to the cake and cover.  Place in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.  The cake needs to be cool enough to form into balls.

Take some cake in your hand and roll into a ball.  Place into tupperware for the freezer.  One cake box generally makes 28-30 cake bites. 

Leave in the freezer for several hours.  They need to be firm enough (but not completely frozen) to not fall off of your fork when you dip into candy melts.

When you are ready to dip, follow the directions on the candy melt package, but make sure you have a deep enough bowl to dip and cover the cake bite with melted candy.

Once dipped, place on a piece of parchment or silpat mat to dry.  You can directly dip them and place on a cone or you can leave on a lolli stick and turn upside down or simply take off the skewer and let dry as a cake truffle. Embellish the cake bite with other colored candy melts and sprinkles if you would like!  Have fun and let your imagination run wild!!

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