Learning to Pray


I'm not very good at praying. 

How silly does that sound?  Is there anyone out there in blog land that feels the same way? I have wanted to post on this subject for a while now but embarrassed to actually type these words out.

Is there anyone out there that would rather run a 5K in the Texas heat than pray out loud in front of a group for fear of not saying the right thing like me?  Do you have a specific time you pray so you don't forget to?  Our dinner prayer is: God is Great, God is Good, let us thank him for our food"…seriously it's time for me to break out and really talk to God and teach my children to connect with him in their own way.

Why is  praying out loud so hard? 

I recently went to the MOPs international conference where I attended a session on "the melody of prayer".  Jonalyn Grace Fincher was our speaker and I encourage you to click on the link to follow her blog.  She was such a nice and calming spirit to listen to in the midst of a large conference when we were on the go from session to session. 

Her tips for prayer were simple:

You can find peace in nature and music to help keep you centered on God. Jonalyn says to pay attention to things you naturally notice in life and start praying about those things.

 I don't know about you but I often have little thoughts creep in like…Dear God, thank you for giving me my health today(oh gosh…did I start the dishwasher before I left home) also thank you for giving me strength to keep calm when my 5 year old wrote with a sharpie all over my cabinets today(oh yeah…that really happened!)

I find myself picturing something happy and calming when I talk to God:

My favorite summer vacation with my family is always at the beach.  This is what I like to picture.

Sometimes late at night I will play a sound machine of the ocean and pray.

Familiar or favorite smells also help me feel calm and ready to pray.  I like to light a candle when I want to connect to God or just center myself when life gets crazy and fast moving. 

What centers you as a prayerful woman, mother, child of God?

When I hear beautiful worship music at church on Sunday it always makes me feel like the gap from this world to god is a little bit closer (which can be hard considering the place we all live in these days).

This will be an ongoing journey for me and I would love to hear your thoughts on prayer and what helps you to make the connection.


3 thoughts on “Learning to Pray

  1. Hi Terri! I have been enjoying your lovely blog for quite a while now.Your post today was very thought provoking. The very fact that you are thinking about prayer and ways to get closer to God is a wonderful thing! Just please remember, God LOVES to hear the sound of your voice talking to Him. I believe He listens throughout the day to hear you…. and delights in listening, as when a beloved littl child cals out “Daddy! I want to tell you something!”
    Thanks for all the beautiful things you share with us through your blog!

  2. Terri
    Thank you for sharing this post. I have been struggling in this area myself (well with everything spiritual lately and just trying to get back on track with that side of my life). You inspire me! Would love to have coffee or lunch one day soon and catch up

  3. Hi! If this was published, I finally got through to comment on your blog. It fails every time. Anyway, I love this post too. It is hard to pray out loud in a group. I’m okay at it in front of my immediate family and it happens every night before bed…I try to model that for the kids. But, sometimes it feels really meaningful and sometimes it just feels like routine. The routine part makes me feel a little guilty, but like Jenni said, God loves to hear you talk to Him. Just keep working on it…I’ve yet to do it in front of anyone else though. Let’s work on it together! 🙂 Miss you!!!

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