Patisserie/Art Camp 2011


Tricia’s camps are so amazing!  I was so lucky to be a part of her camp this year.  I held the patisserie portion of the camp.  Look at all of our sparkly pictures below.  You can just see the Lord’s light shining through in every picture.


Arriving in Birmingham at Tricia’s house was like entering Magical Fairy Land.  Walking up to the house she had this sign to welcome us.  She also placed little yummy soaps on our towels in our rooms.  I knew coming that my girls and I would have a wonderful time painting and baking, but I felt God’s presence was with us throughout.

Welcome to the Patisserie


When you walk into Tricia’s house you immediately feel transported to a magical fairlyland.

She has bright colors, whimsical paintings, faux candy hanging from her chandeleir and a garden with a fish pond and lots of little passageways to get lost in.

For the first day of french fairyland for the girls we made:

cupcake liner flowers

Flower Tartlets

Cranberry Raspberry Spritzers in the Garden for Worship time.

The girls are awaiting their group assignments for the first exciting day!

Strawberries, kiwi, blueberries and raspberries, premade graham shells, lemon curd, fresh whipped cream and a raspberry glaze made up our little flower tartlets. (Recipes are available to upload on my new website:

Tricia is showing the girls what they will be painting on their first day. A row of delicious cupcakes.


I love collecting cupcake liners so I snatched up every whimsical liner I could find for this fun camp. We originally made some to pin on our shirts but then my daughter came up with the cutest idea to glue them onto ribbon and wear them as little hats.

While one group of girls painted, the others decorated yummies with me. I loved this way of teaching the girls except I wanted to be a student in the art portion too!  We had many moms say they wanted to come to camp.  Maybe one day we will have an grown up version(something is already in the works!)

The girls loved making their tartlets look like little flower pastries and adding fresh whipped pink cream.  This was an easy but yummy lesson to start camp off with.

Here are the girls painting their sweet cupcake canvases.

Tricia had them using acrylics, paper, gel medium and palette knives for adding texture.

Madi is working on her painting.  I’ll show you the girls’ completed art on the third day post.

Now for worship time in the garden along with our treats and special cranberry drink:

Everyone loved these pretty pink paper straws from


What a beautiful and creative day full of bright colors, smiles and laughter..not to mention lots of sugar! On the second day of camp we learn how to decorate eiffel tower sugar cookies.

The ribbon garland in the back is a fun way to add color to your room for any party.  Simply tie different shades of a color to a long piece of ribbon and just hang.

Second day of camp: bike paintings:



Beautiful morning in Birmingham.

2nd day of camp!

We started our day with worship in the garden and Tricia read this verse to the girls:

God made us to be unique and beautiful women.

When you find you have a special talent share it with the world.

Share what you love with a friend just to make their day or to lift their spirits.

The girls learned just by simply placing cookies in a little bag with a special note is a way of sharing  love with one another.

Hospitality is a beautiful gesture.

I think we are loosing sight of this art and we need to teach our girls to give to others and love one another unconditionally.

Look at what our girls created today:

I taught the girls how to ice a border using a pastry bag and how to flood the center to get a smooth finish.  Didn’t they do an amazing job!


The girls had homemade eiffel tower cookies to decorate.  The recipe is from Martha Stewart.  My special addition to the icing to make it extra yummy is almond extract!


The set up for the girls is simple: enough pastry bags filled with different colored icings so they can all be busy at the same time, runnier icing for flooding and their cookies to decorate.
Look at how gorgeous these colors are.  It was so much fun to see how differently the two different aged camps decorated their cookies.  More detail in the older but more color combinations in the younger.  I loved walking around seeing the girls’ faces light up when they masterd the flooding was like magic to see the border and the center of the cookie connect flawlessly.

I know they are going home to teach their mommas!

I have women ask me all the time to hold some baking classes so they can learn these techniques so sugar cookies are not just for kids!


Here’s a little peak into Tricia’s beautiful house.  Doesn’t this just look like a porch waiting for sipping tea and swinging in a porch swing.

Now for some bike painting time on the porch.

I was so amazed to see the girls’ creations.  They were all so talented.


Tommorow’s art lesson…beautiful dresses(this is one that Tricia painted of a Kate Spade dress)


We are creating fun ice cream cake lollies tomorrow!

Back to the kitchen to prepare:


 3rd day of camp!

I couldn’t help but post this adorable picture of little Lucy.  Aren’t the missing front teeth priceless!  She had a hard time eating this treat…too funny.

On the last day of camp Tricia and I woke up feeling excited for the day’s events but also sad because we knew this was the end of our first camp journey together.

At the end of it all I found this was not just a trip for my girls to learn to bake and paint

but a new journey for me to get to know two amazing ladies: Tricia and Jill:

Jill traveled from  vacation in Rosemary beach with her daughter Lucy(above).

At the end of every day we had some amazing talks about life as a mother,

wife and most importantly a christian.  I learned so much from these beautiful women..

Thank you for everything girls!

Ok, so now for the pictures of ice cream cake lollies and beautiful art:

I think everyone’s favorite treat of the camp were the ice cream cake lollies.

First place mm’s in the bottom of a sugar cone

Second, take your cake ball and dip into melted candy coating

Once you have dipped, use a piece of styrofoam to stand your ice creams so they can dry.

Third, when the bottom layer of candy is dry take a scoop of your chocolate melted candy

and add to the top to look like a scoop of sundae sauce.

Fourth, add your sprinkles and a cherry sour or gumball for the cherry on top!

(For recipes and where to buy supplies go to my website:


Does this look like a happy girl?(love the peacock feather in her hair)

Now for the girls’ amazing art:

This barn picture was made by a 6 year old…how amazingly creative!


Abby’s cupcakes look so yummy. I’m trying to get her to give it to me for my kitchen….not happening!


I love the colors Lilliana is using. Who wouldn’t want this dress.

I loved watching Tricia take the girls through the painting process. They first draw their design with chalk, paint the background and then paint and embellish the dress. Someday I will be a part of her art class.

We ended the last day with our ice cream lollies in the garden, with hugs, almond sweet tea and I made lavender chocolate truffles for the moms when they picked up their campers.

The girls also received these bags with pretty cupcake wrappers, sprinkles and recipe cards with Tricia’s beautiful art.


That brings our incredible Birmingham fairyland camp to a close.  It was so hard leaving my new friends and all the wonderful girls I met.

I thank Tricia for allowing my family to stay with her and being such an amazing kindred spirit!

Please visit her blog to see more of this amazing camp:

Off to the airport…but this won’t be the last time you see us spreading the love of our passions and for God with others!



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