An Enchanting Garden!

Once upon a time…there was a garden filled with laughter and beauty!  I would love to be a little rabbit running through this garden…I would munch on raspberries all day long….

I was thinking about how much I miss my little rose and vegetable garden when I came across this old issue in Home Companion.  The article is called: An Enchanting Beatrix Potter Garden.  Here are some fun pics from the issue. 


I love the idea of incorporating children’s stories into the garden.  Especially Peter Rabbit!


Doesn’t this look delicious.  I tried growing raspberries…but we had a little squirrel that kept stealing them in the mornings!


I bought this cute tea pot on ebay!  It sits in my china hutch for garden tea parties with the girls!



Can you imagine having a cute little house like this in your backyard?  I think I would spend more time in it than my own house!  Tea parties everyday!


Peter_6 Peter_rabbit5

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