Designing the Flat Lay Photo

I totally geek out over flat lay photography!  I love assembling my favorite items and photographing them.  It’s an expression of things that inspire and evokes a feeling of comfort for me when I peruse Instagram and see beautiful little photos like this.

This love began when I started photographing product photography for a small children’s company and have been photographing my coffee/desserts ever since.  You can simply post a coffee and a sweet treat and add a caption… How are you comforting your soul today?  People like to tell you how they deal with life and connect with you through social media.  It’s so incredible to have a little online community that gets you!

Who needs to produce flay lay photography?

1. Personally  my thought is anyone who loves to photograph their favorite things and want to add beautiful photographs to their social media. 

2. Anyone interested in product photography.

3. If you have a business and you want to help brand your image while adding interest and connection for your ideal clients.

How to get a beautiful well-lit flat lay image in your home:

First, you will want to find an area in your home that has diffused light like a window.  Here is my little area I photograph: don’t mind the dust bunnies!

What materials do you photograph on?

Second, you will need some sort of background to photograph on.  I typically choose a white poster board but this is where your style will shine through.  Maybe you will use a piece of wood or fabric under your products.  And don’t worry, we will be cropping out the edges of the poster so you won’t even know what I am photographing on.

How to take the flay lay photo

Third,  stand above your image, adjust your lighting and make sure you don’t have any shadows on the board.  Sometimes I stand on a chair depending on what lens I am using.  this is a zoom lens.  I typically like the 50 mm fixed lens for bokeh (glittery background) but this photo doesn’t apply to that kind of photography.

Now use your imagination and style away!  I typically am the less is more kind of gal, so I don’t use a lot of products in my shots.

Now crop your image and post away!  See how easy that was.  I would love to hear how your flat lay images turn out, so don’t be a stranger!

4 thoughts on “Designing the Flat Lay Photo

  1. Wow this is very helpful! I have been doing these a lot. It is great to read how others do their flat lay photos. Like the things you photographed and have really enjoyed seeing them on Instagram. Great work!

  2. Great post – lay flats are so much fun and can definitely “up” any businesses social media game! I love adding a second white foam board opposite the window to produce fill light and soften the shadows!

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