Everyday Magic through the lens


Seeing the details in an ordinary day can be quite magical.

Let’s face it, we have more ordinary days than extraordinary days right?

So let’s find the beauty in the little things that make up life.

We just need to slow down a bit and focus our

attention on one thing at a time.

We have so many distractions these days and opportunities to multi task,  we can easily miss these moments.  My hope and dream for you today is to feel a little magic through your lens and begin to see these moments that make our lives rich and full of wonder.

In my last post I asked you to keep your camera handy so you can begin to train your eye and gain confidence with practice.  Follow your children around and see life through their eyes.  Watch them get excited about reading a book (that they have probably read over and over) or how they love watching the bath tub fill up with bubbles.  When you see them try and pop a bubble that is escaping….capture that image.  Don’t be afraid.  No one will see your photo until you feel ready.  The picture above is a friend’s little girl who is waiting anxiously to eat one of those delicate little raspberry macarons.  Who doesn’t get excited over a french little dessert right!

Examples to capture:  your child running through the house in their superhero costume, your little girl pouring tea into her little teacup or reading to her favorite stuffed animal, messy faces after eating, and capture your teenager locking arms with a friend walking down the street shopping.  I hope this gets you started!

Why do we need to do this exercise?  We are training our brains to slow down and take in the wonder around us.  I promise you will begin to see life differently.  This is not just practice for you and your camera but for you heart and mind. I would love to see your pictures so please add the hashtag #everydaymagic2017 and please send me questions or revelations!!!

This picture was one I captured while we were trying to blow bubbles with a heart wand for my son when he was little.  We lost the actual bubble wand but the priceless part of this was how much fun my teenager had blowing one after another. The heart shaped stick I had really captured how we felt while we were having fun doing something so simple.

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