Finding Your Passion through Pain

Hi friends, I am here to encourage you to find a passion that makes your heart sing.  What does this look like?  For me, when I am on a photo shoot, you will see me grinning ear to ear and laughing with the family.  This makes my heart so full because I feel I am using my gifts that God gave me.  

I found this passion during a time of physical and emotional pain that took me out of my day job.  I knew I couldn’t sit around all day focusing solely on the pain so I  put my energy into learning about really using my camera.  I had used it for years and even was brave enough to use the manual setting but now I was learning tricks of the trade and actually offering my service not really knowing if I would be good at it.  

My first piece of advice is to LEARN as much as you can.

Second, do not be afraid…just do it.  What could be the worst thing…failure?  Yep but you can get right back up and tweak some things to make it better.

Third…now LISTEN UP…do not compare yourself to people who have been in that field for years…they are pros and you are learning.  

Do NOT stress out about social media.  Just share your ups and downs…be real and encourage others. I found this out the hard way and watched my numbers daily…likes and followers.  It can be real depressing at times and make you second guess your abilities. Just like what you are doing and put your best work out there.  

If I can do this…YOU can do this.  Remember:

The only time I didn’t feel pain was during photo sessions.  It keeps your mind occupied and your heart happy.  I knew I was on the right path when I forgot about my hand and foot pain.

I am here for you friend to encourage you on.  Be brave and pursue pursue!

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