Finding the “everyday magic” in your life with photography

I am so passionate these days about catching my kids in moments that I don’t want to forget.  As I age, I become more and more sentimental.  Also the fact that my girls will be in college in three years might have something to do with it.

I encourage you to keep your camera ready and smartphone charged for these moments.  These are the moments of snuggling, giving you that look that defines their personalities and any time they are laughing hysterically.  I am holding onto these memories and trying to be super mindful of my precious gifts all around me.

Since my auto immune diagnosis, I have been more aware of my surroundings and enjoying little things more than ever.  Life was so fast paced before and now I am spending some time on me, while staying healthy to be a “present” mom.  It’s kind of ironic that now that I am slowing down a bit, I have a camera in hand and a new future with it.  I think being mindfully present makes you a better photographer.  You see things people might not ordinarily see or even look for. Having an illness also brings life into a different view.  You realize how you took the little things for granted like sitting and journaling instead of multitasking three things at once.   With your camera in hand,  look for glimpses of light, love and laughter and try and capture it when you can.  This is what sets you apart.  Your unique way of looking at life. You will also find your children wanting to capture these moments as well.

everyday magic

These are my twin girls.  They couldn’t be more different but they both fill my heart in different ways.  Couldn’t pass up a creative photo like this one.

The photo below is on our upper deck on a morning that was overcast and foggy.  I am always so intrigued when you can see fog roll in.  So…camera in hand, kids waiting in the car to go to school, I ran upstairs and snapped a photo.  I love this house and will always remember how it looked from up top on these days.

I would love to see your “everyday magic” too so please email me with how your journey is going and how it is changing how you see things. If you post on social media tag it #everydaymagic


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