Little World Organics Branding Photo Session

sweet babies

Oh my gosh what a special session with three beautiful women and their sweet babies!  Isn’t this the cutest crew?  I had the honor of capturing light and smiles for Little World Organics, a European baby formula company.  Lacey Appolito started researching back in 2013 the most nutritious baby formula for her son Jack who wasn’t gaining sufficient weight through breast feeding.  After a while she realized there were other mothers out there who felt the same way she did about American formula.  She slowly started importing more formula and built a business that keeps her busy along with her three beautiful children.  Lacey said it definitely took her a while to find a balance between work and family but she is in a great spot right now and growing the company every day.  

Here’s the full crew all happy cozy!

Cozy Family

Before you look further let me tell you about my take on photo sessions.  I LOVE capturing the real interactions that take place within families and friends.  You will not see all smiles and posing with me.  You will see babies crying and mothers chatting and laughing throughout a session.  Sometimes the laughter is from a place of stress which is priceless!  

Daisies are my favorite!
little girl big world

Beautiful little girl in a whole big scary chaotic world.  She will be a dream chaser and make a difference for sure. 

boy talk

This photo makes me wonder what they are talking about.  They look like they are up to something don’t they?

Girlfriends through and through

Three beautiful friends making a difference in the world.

sweet little face
Maggie, Lacey and Michelle


2 thoughts on “Little World Organics Branding Photo Session

  1. These are beautiful Terri! You truly captured this sweet trio of friends and their littles so perfectly!!!

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