Love Lives Here


This isn’t going to be any ordinary post on family pictures.  This is an extraordinary family who have been through a lot and are stronger and more beautiful for it.  I also have a super sweet spot for the kids since I was their teacher in the past.  They are all so different and beautiful in their own right.  I always tell people that photography for me is more than snapping pictures but telling a story.  I am excited I get to tell their story through the lens and create images that will remind them of their strength and love even through the hard times.

huerkamplove-65-of-71This photo really captures their spirit because I asked the boys to kiss their sister for this shot.  Jack covers his mouth and Luke just plain refuses.  This is the perfect capture of their humor.  Of course Reece is just laughing it all off.  Being the youngest, she definitely has to deal with everything thrown at her with amazing grace!

huerkamplove-55-of-71Now let’s talk about these two beautiful souls.  They are the most romantic and loving couple you will ever meet.  They will do anything for each other and the kids.  I love being around them because they radiate this light and happiness that you want to soak up.  I apologize but I HAVE to insert a quote right now that just came to my mind when I think of them:

Spread Love everywhere you go

Let no one ever come to you

without leaving happier.

Mother Theresa




You know that cliche’ idea of a stepmom…the one that makes them seem mean and only out for themselves.  Laney couldn’t be further from this idea.  She loves these kids as if they were her own. She is a beautiful part of their lives.




 Love Lives Here!

2 thoughts on “Love Lives Here

  1. As a photographer and a writer, you have created a most beautiful photo essay of the love that bonds this family. As an artist, you truly captured the sweet essence of this love story❣️

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