The Magic of Children’s Photo Shoots


I absolutely love having photo sessions with children.  I’m not sure if its because of the innocent love they have for life, the willingness to be silly or how it makes me giggle.  I honestly love catching candid poses because I think it best represents the child’s spirit and that’s what we as parents want to be reminded of when we look back at our children’s photos.  I like to keep something in mind during each photo shoot: get em giggling, twirling, skipping, hugging and whispering.  I also love bringing a few props just to change each session and make them a unique experience.  Just look at this sweet pic with headbands from Anthropologie.   A big dream of mine would be to style and shoot some pics for them someday.  Anybody out there have the same dream?

You must not ever stop being whimsical.

Mary Oliver


atwoodhaze-15-of-16I am learning that if you really want to stand out as a photographer, you must be a little different.  In this day and age of social media, it is easy to look at what’s out there and let me tell you…it’s very intimidating sometimes.  If you are a creative and just starting out, I really want you to know it is ok to look different and develop your own style.  My first pictures were very crisp and clear and now I have evolved to a more dreamy look like this one above.  Be Different and show your heart in your work.  I really feel your ideal client will come to you based on your unique style and talent.






I love how each one of these photos tells a little story and I want my clients to feel that way each time they see a photo from their session.  These are their precious gifts to the world and I was just lucky that day to get a glimpse into their hearts.





So for now, dear friend, stay true to your talent.  Listen to your heart and your work will show it.  Above all of that you will be dreaming out loud and conquering your fears of feeling worthy with your craft.  Take care and please email me your dreams and fears because we are in this together.



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