pj’s in the creek photo shoot austin tx

It was a rainy day in Austin Tx and I was lucky enough to catch a little sunshine in two beautiful children in their pjs during a fun photo shoot at the creek.

I have always believed in the magic of childhood

and think that if you get your life right

that magic should never end.

Colin Thompson

Oh to be a child again and do everything in your pjs!  I love catching these everyday moments for parents because these are the moments you remember the most.  They are not posed but a true snapshot of your child playing and pretending.  Finding a stick and poking it into a creek for 30 minutes never gets old.  You wonder what is below the surface, what creatures live in the water and dream of exploring the unknown.  I love these shoots because it reminds me to look at life through “childlike eyes”.  Here are some fun pictures from this rainy day in Austin, Tx.

pjskeller pjskeller2

I absolutely love the pic where our little sweetie is hiding behind her umbrella.  I think we had been shooting for an hour and at this point she was done with me.  I asked her to peek around her umbrella to look at her brother and this is what she gave me…PRICELESS…one of my favorite photos.  You see, you can have images in your mind during the photo shoot but what the children give you is the best because it is all about them anyway.  I love candid versus posed for this exact reason.  You really get to see their personalities shine through the photos.

Try and look at life today through “childlike eyes”.  Get out your camera or iphone and capture a little bit of life today with a fresh new outlook.  Follow your children around and capture an everyday moment that you will want to cherish forever.

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