What I want my girls to know in life…

Dreaming of a sweet life full of love, laughter and creativity!
This was such a fun session with my girls and bittersweet too because I know this is the end of their time here at home. They are ready to fly and I’m not sure I’m ready to release!

Seriously, where does the time go? It seems like yesterday we were picking out matching bows and walking to Kindergarten with bright eyes. Running to gymnastics and ballet wondering who will freak out over the tights. Now we are picking out appliances for apartments and meal plans for college.

I can honestly say I am so incredibly proud of my girls and their hearts for others. I constantly tell them to be kind and love life, no matter what the journey brings. It can get ugly at times but how you make it through will define the rest of the ride. Never stop dreaming and go be YOU!

Always respect yourself and pick a mate who will love you for you. Be brave and dare to go to depths of your soul to connect with God and find peace. Find time daily to slow your mind and your heart will expand to find moments to yourself that comfort and release you from the daily grind.

Be in love with life and all the little things that bring you comfort. Take stock in those moments and take care of yourself. Listen to good music, take time to make a delicious home cooked meal and take long bubble baths whenever you can. Also call your momma and daddy everyday. LOL

Reflect every night before you go to bed and decide how to make tomorrow a day full of purpose and how you can share your gifts.

No matter what life brings, know that you are loved and enough sweet girls!

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