What inspires You?

lovepoemflatlayWhere do you get your inspiration?  You don’t have to be creative or someone who is crafty to need  inspiration for daily living.  Life is full of mundane tasks and isn’t always glamorous.  Why do you think there are so many pins on Pinterest about lovely creative laundry rooms.  We need refreshing ideas and outlooks constantly just to do the necessary things in life.

Honestly, I get inspired in the weirdest ways.  I of course, love Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration but really I can see a color and a whole scene will pop in my head. I went for a walk one day and landed on a secret little trail.  I had visions of a forest photo shoot for a senior girl wearing a butterfly crown reeling through my head.  I envisioned ribbons of cream and white hanging from the trees with glitter stars too.  Of course I ran home and drew it out in my journal…something I highly recommend you doing.  I keep journals everywhere.  I have one in my car for when I see a great photo location.  I take a pic and write it down.


My newest inspiration has been spring paper flowers.  I am dreaming of a children’s shoot with a huge backdrop of paper flowers.  If anyone wants to help my dream come true…contact me and we will make a magical photo session come alive full of whimsy and happiness! I love re purposing items from paper to look like something living and beautiful.  Here is one example of this inspiration:


(My sweet Abby at Rosemary beach)


Okay back to inspiration and where we find it! Anthropologie is huge for me.  This store is more of an experience and not a place to simply make a purchase.  I recently saw a tulle dress with sequins stars and now I want to do a stars and moon shoot.  Can you visualize it with me?  I love girly fashion, probably because I am aging and refuse to feel like I am out of a certain age range for what I can wear! I believe you dress the way you feel.  I  dream of shooting a girl in a huge tulle skirt eating delicious pink and blue cakes in Paris with sparkle lights all around her.  See how your imagination can run wild?  I think I want to be little again.  I want to wear big poofy skirts to the store without people staring…oh well they can go ahead and stare!4130342381110_012_b3



I don’t know what it is about a beautifully set table adorned with china, crystal and colorful napkins but it gets me every time!  I think about how I can incorporate this look into a styled session to tell a beautiful story about a mother’s balancing act.

camille styles

(pic from Camille Styles)

Movies:  Marie Antoinette:


Need I say more?  Pinks, golds, robin’s egg blue, silk taffeta, french macarons piled high with little delicate cakes.  If I could just takes little bits of movies and create a scene for a children’s session…heaven!!!

Restaraunts:  Flower Child


As I was sitting in this beautifully California based restaurant, I imagined a little photo shoot with a couple of women connecting over good clean food, beautiful flowers and fresh atmosphere around them.  I wrote this scene in my journal during my lunch!  Even if this little shoot never happens, I will catalogue it in my mind and dream about it.  Sometimes these little dreams stay visions that keep us inspired and that’s ok.

Here is a link to my Pinterest board for a little eye candy and inspiration.

Listen friends, there are days we need more inpsiration than others to get through the days.  My suggestion is find your what makes you happy, journal about it so you can pull from that memory or image when you need it. Mindfully create a dream journal where you can sit daily and add beauty, color, quotes and love to your thoughts.  Let your imagination run wild! It’s good for your soul.  For Instagram inspiration follow me here.

I would love to hear where you get your inpsiration.

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