Yeah for a summer waterslide birthday party!  Madi and Abby’s 7th birthday party was a huge hit!


The waterslide was amazing!  Head first was the best!  (Abby)


I love this picture of our good friend Emily….reminds me of just being a kid!!!!


This picture is priceless!!! Missing the front tooth…what could be better?


Now for the cupcakes!  These are Madi’s ocean blue cupcakes with bears surfing and sunning themselves! This recipe is on



Abby’s cake!  I got this idea from


One of the party favors were flower cookies with words like: Dream,love,friends,laugh.


One of my favorite favors of the party…tissue paper flowers.  I tied these to the trees and had them all over the house.  Each girl got to pick one of these along with a cookie.  These are so easy, my 7 year olds were able to help make them!  Go to for the instructions.


We had a great time…7 years…where does the time go!  Thank you for sharing our party with us.

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  1. Oh, can I be 7 again and have a party like this??
    It looked amazing!! i am in love with the blue cupcakes with bears surfing and the flower cake!! Sooo cute! Also love the table layout.. it looked all girl and all fun!!!!

  2. Wouldn’t it be fun to pretend for a day to be a kid again and have a party like this? I would love a tea party thank you!

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