Your Ideal Client

(Anthropologie Dishes, Whole Foods desserts)

Who is your Ideal Client?

If you don’t know me yet and have never read one of my blog posts…Hi friend…you and I will have virtual coffee and chat about life, beautiful dreams and our ever changing journeys…maybe even specifically in photography.  This is my dream.  I have an absolute love for Anthropologie style, dishes, french macarons and photography.  If you landed on my IG feed, you would see lots of food photography, beach photos, my family and my lifestyle sessions.  I love to encourage other women to seek out their purpose in life and follow their dreams.  I am a 44 year old wife and mother,  just figuring out my purpose in this crazy beautiful life.  It isn’t always easy but when you know your heart lights up and your body tingles when you are knee deep in your craft, then you are on the right track.

I have been listening to lots of podcasts on how to market yourself as a creative entrepreneur and there are days, I wonder how anyone does it?  There is so much changing in the social media world that it is a full time job in itself.  My advice which has really released me from the stress of keeping up is to just be yourself and post what makes you happy.  Don’t worry about the numbers of followers or how many times your page has been clicked on…just put out great content that might speak to one person.  You want your ideal client listening, not worrying about the 100’s that might not even look back at you again.  Be purposeful, keep your brand consistent and encourage others in your field.  There is so much beauty in community over competition.  I love Rising Tide Society’s mission to connect creatives and create an encouraging community.

So who is your ideal client?  It took me a while to figure this out.  I love working with people who love creatively styled shoots, enjoy candidly focused sessions, have great style, appreciate little magical details in the everyday and don’t mind a little whimsy thrown into the mix.  Why is it important to know who your ideal client is?  Well, you know the saying: “You can’t please everyone, you aren’t Nutella”?  You can’t fit your style to everyone that comes your way.  You will be more successful if your client finds you for your particular style.  This way you can set yourself apart from this over saturated creative field.  Identify who you want to work with and really develop your craft.

So far, I have been incredibly blessed to work with these kind of clients.  I do have dreams to someday work with creatives and brands like Camille Styles, Anthropologie and Free People.  I absolutely love photographing food, coffee and beautiful tables and dishes.  In the midst of a very sad day for my family, I opened my Instagram account to find Anthropologie re-posted one of my pictures.  I can’t tell you the comfort I felt on this kind of day to feel valued in the photography world.  Here is the photo:

 I’m not showing you this to pat myself on the back.  I want you to know even on those days you don’t feel your craft is worthy to be out there among all the big players, just keep your dreams alive and hopeful.  Stay inspired and connected to others in your field and above all, believe in your purpose, style and journey.  You will inspire and your unique style is needed.

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